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Every closed real estate transaction closed with me, contributes to your community receiving low or no cost wellness or coaching services. 



As a first generation American, I have struggled with many issues most immigrant families struggle with. The women in my life were strong, entrepreneurial women, with my grandmother being the first Latina female to open a Latin American restaurant in the Mission District of San Francisco in the 1960's. The women in my family were no nonsense females, teaching us to be strong and resilient. One day I will write a book about my colorful and dysfunctional childhood, but until then I will share with you that I have been through a lot and though my parents did not posses the education or even consciousness to save me from myself and the world, they provided me the tools to seek help. As a woman that has personally experienced and overcome domestic violence and substance abuse, I have researched and trained on recovery and wellness and how to bring that to my community. I primarily work with BIPOC women but also work with families and children.

Real Estate as a Tool

I have been a Realtor® since 2004. I love all aspects of the real estate business, but my favorite part of being a Realtor® is helping a young family purchase their first home. I enjoy educating my clients on building wealth with real estate and planning for the future. I am in the process of obtaining my California Broker's License and plan on building a team of successful new agents. While Real Estate is a lucrative career, it is also high risk/high reward. Being that I have mostly been a single parent, I have supplemented my income by working as a Business Consultant for start ups and small/mid sized businesses. I have a talent for "fixing." I come in, assess the needs and problems and provide the best solutions for anything from technology to culture. In the last few years, I have refocused on selling homes again and my career has taken off!

Serving My Community with Purpose

In my 20's, my career was about chasing the money. In this chapter of my life, my "job" enables me to provide low or no cost services to those in need. True joy is felt when giving. It keeps us grounded and circulating the energy of love and community. In the times of immediate gratification and the ME mindset, it is so important to get back to the basics. I may sound like a hippy but damn couldn't we all use some LOVE AND PEACE these days?
My experience with Human Resources, Finance and Technology provides me a different view than most consultants. If your organization is struggling, I can help. Sometimes all you need is another perspective to help shift things into a positive motion.


This year has taught me so much about myself. I feel as though this time has come to spread a higher level of consciousness and enlightenment. We MUST practice self care and continue to strive to live authentic lives where we are present and create a life of happiness.


My mother taught me at a very young age to be resourceful and seek help when needed. I have always been a self-help nut. I was a teenager watching Iyanla Vanzant on the Starting Over House and Dr. Phil when he got his own show. I was always interested in behavior and psychology. I've been interested in so many things as you can see. I have struggled in my life finding my one true passion. Until one day over the summer - I couldn't tell you when because all of the days this year have blended with each other - I was listening to an Oprah podcast and Elizabeth Gilbert spoke about passion and having more than one. The outcome was this webpage. A culmination of my gifts to share with the world. If you have two minutes to maybe get a different perspective on life, watch this video.
Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know a bit about me. I hope that we can work together soon.
~Rebecca Molano
My husband and I had the most special experience with Rebecca. When we first met with her in 2021, she took the time to patiently educate us as first time homebuyers. She walked us through the entire process so we could approach the market as prepared as possible, even literally walking us through houses and pointing out things to look for when buying a home. We realized we weren't ready to make any offe...

— Julia & Zach Hammett

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